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Olympia E-Sports and DOTA – CS GO – League of Legends

Olympia needs e-sports / Dota – CS GO

Sports associations and politics in Germany can no longer ignore the influence of e-sports. It is time to give him the necessary acceptance.

It must have been three to four years ago when I first saw an astonishing change. When I as a Bundesday deputy discusses with school classes or pupil students in the Bundestag in Berlin, the conversation usually comes at some time on the subject of football. A few years ago one could be sure that almost every one of the youths could immediately call his favorite club. Today the answer is more and more frequent: “I look and play mainly League of Legends.” Or Dota 2. Or CS: GO.

CS GO game

My personal impression from the discussions with the pupils is certainly not exactly representative. But today no one can deny the size of the e-sport enthusiasm.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Looking away is possible but senseless

Even in the eighth Galaxy generation Samsung makes a lot of things: the S8 is one of the most elegant and best smartphones – despite some doubtful decisions.

Samsung Galaxy S8

For smartphones and cars there is still something like brand loyalty.

samsung smartphone

My parents drove Ford for 30 years and I’ve been using smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S series for seven years. I left out some models and tested several competitors.

Hacker and Internet Hacking Techniques

Today we argue hackers and their hacking techniques about internet. This is really important topic for everone because hacker can access what they want.

Hackers sabotage the Internet of unsafe things

Hacker attacks usually run secretly. The attackers penetrate into strange systems, copy data and try not to be discovered. Occasionally, they leave messages, be it as a warning or pride, to crack a system. They sabotage the systems so that they do not work. However, IT security company Radware has now observed such attacks on a test system. The objectives: poorly secured routers and other networked devices.

Hacking Techniques

The login attempts were made with the username “root” and the password “vizxv”. This password can be found in many standard passwords lists. It apparently belongs to devices from Dahua, a manufacturer of surveillance cameras.

Illegal File Sharing and Children

Parents must pay for illegal actions of their children

One family, three adult children. Must the parents pay if one of the children offers music illegally for exchange? The judgment of the Federal Court of Justice is clear. Parents must pay compensation for the illegal participation of their children in the age of music or film exchanges on the Internet, if they know which child committed the offense, but whose names do not want to surrender to the rights owner.

illegal file sharing

In such cases, copyright and property rights are heavier than the protection of the family, the Federal Court of Justice (District Court, 1 ZR 19/16) decided.

Name secret, self-pay

In the initial case, the Oberlandesgericht (Higher Regional Court) Munich had condemned the parents of three adult children to more than 3,500 euros for damages and warning expenses. One of the children had the album Loud of the singer Rihanna on the Internet to the so-called file sharing via the internet connection of the family.