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Samsung Galaxy S8

Looking away is possible but senseless

Even in the eighth Galaxy generation Samsung makes a lot of things: the S8 is one of the most elegant and best smartphones – despite some doubtful decisions.

Samsung Galaxy S8

For smartphones and cars there is still something like brand loyalty.

samsung smartphone

My parents drove Ford for 30 years and I’ve been using smartphones from the Samsung Galaxy S series for seven years. I left out some models and tested several competitors.Some of them looked better, others had interesting additional features, better software, faster updates. But in the end I decided to go for a Galaxy. The overall package has always convinced me.

Now comes the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s new top-class smartphone. The competition is great: Google’s pixel is perhaps not the most beautiful smartphone, but one of the most powerful.

samsung galaxy smartphone

Huawei has with the Mate M9 perhaps the best Phablet and with the P10 another very good device on offer. The iPhone 7 Plus does not have a headphone jack, but the currently best dual camera. Can the Galaxy S8 keep up?

Who wants to see the frame …

Let’s start with the design, because the eye is known to buy. While Apple was criticized for its decision not to change the iPhone 7 compared to its predecessor optically, you can not hear this criticism in the case of the S8. Here also the curved metal frame with the glazed back follows largely the design of the predecessor.

The S8 is therefore not boring – it is one of the most elegant and shapely smartphones on the market. It’s only a pity that the color options blue and gold will not be available in Europe. For this I like the subtly in violet overcoming Orchid Gray surprisingly well.

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