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Olympia E-Sports and DOTA – CS GO – League of Legends

Olympia needs e-sports / Dota – CS GO

Sports associations and politics in Germany can no longer ignore the influence of e-sports. It is time to give him the necessary acceptance.

It must have been three to four years ago when I first saw an astonishing change. When I as a Bundesday deputy discusses with school classes or pupil students in the Bundestag in Berlin, the conversation usually comes at some time on the subject of football. A few years ago one could be sure that almost every one of the youths could immediately call his favorite club. Today the answer is more and more frequent: “I look and play mainly League of Legends.” Or Dota 2. Or CS: GO.

CS GO game

My personal impression from the discussions with the pupils is certainly not exactly representative. But today no one can deny the size of the e-sport enthusiasm.43 million spectators watched the League of Legends World Cup in 2016-2017, sometimes over 7 million people at the same time. In the USA there are now colleges for the most talented young players. FC Schalke 04 has made the company more popular with its own e-sports team.

Anyone who has never dealt with this phenomenon will be amazed at what momentum E-Sport is developing. Full halls, millions of dollars in prize money, billions of innovations such as the Twitch streaming portal, which was mainly known through e-sports, and more and more sponsors pushing into the market. At the same time, the major events set standards. At least, such a peaceful and cheerful meeting of two well-known teams and their fans from Russia and Ukraine like the ESL One Event 2016 at the Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt would hardly have been conceivable.

The E-Sport can no longer be hidden

The public debate in Germany can not keep pace with the development of the industry. First discussions about the recognition as a sport took place in the sand. Sport and politics are well advised to deal more closely with the issue. I would even claim that Olympia E-Sport needs more in the future than vice versa. If you want to reach young people, who wants to inspire them for classical sports, who wants to broaden the social and social function of the sport, can not simply hide the enormous range of the E-Sport. In Asia, this has already been recognized: from 2022 E-Sport like League of Legends titles are to be included in the program of the Asian Games.


The e-sports scene in Germany would benefit from a gain in acceptance and would also be forced to make greater efforts to meet its new social responsibility. The right to do so is rightly the case with the sports federations themselves. Politics can only initiate this discussion. It would not be appropriate to play out the interests of sports clubs against the e-sports movement. Sports clubs in my constituency, who do the outstanding job, for example, are already moaning at high levies to the associations. In this case, distribution issues within the sport have to be reintroduced.

In the coming week, an e-sports discussion will take place for the first time in the Bundestag in the run-up to the awarding of the German computer game prize. It could be a starting shot for a discussion about the role of e-sport(League of Legends, Dota, CS GO, Dota 2) in Germany but gamer should pay attention to illegal file sharing. If you think that this is superfluous, you should ask for a school class.

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