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DELL takes care of customer service

Dell is preparing to return to the consumer segment

The step is to take place during the year. Currently, the manufacturer talks to distributors and major retailers. The focus is apparently on notebooks, for consumers it will have special versions.

dell pc notebook

Dell apparently intends to address notebooks strategically and purposefully also to consumers in the course of the year – preferably in time for the Christmas business. At the moment, the focus of the Dell business here – apart from the gaming PCs and notebooks of the Dell brand Alienware – is clearly in the B2B area. Although Dell basically sells PCs and notebooks also to private consumers, strategically, however, 2011 has been averted from this market.Ulrike Rüger, who is responsible for the segment at Dell as a Sales Director Client Solutions Germany, was able to see through a press conference in Munich that clearly showed that it was mainly the presence in large specialist stores – and particularly those of the Media-Saturn- Group, is struggling. This is simply important in the notebook segment, in order to be perceived in Germany.

In addition, the manufacturer is apparently hurting that it is only third in terms of the number of sold units behind HP Inc. and Lenovo. This is to change. The declared goal is now to take second place in the first place – and in this case also the presence and sale in the retail sector will help. However, you do not want to rely on it: Dell manager Rüger also sees good opportunities to expand the B2B business – not least at the expense of the competitors. In particular, it refers to the ultrabooks and convertibles presented in the past months as well as the mobile workstations.

DELL PC and Notebook

For the drive into the consumer market, Dell apparently also plans to bring appropriate products to the market. There are no concrete announcements, but they will follow in the course of the summer. It is expected to be mainly notebooks, but possibly also convertibles or ultrabooks. In the last few years, these segments performed above average on the overall market for PCs. For example, the sale of notebooks in the consumer segment increased by 7.5 percent. Although they did not quite reach the good figures of the business notebooks (a plus of 8.9 per cent), this contributed significantly to the positive development of the overall market despite a decline in PC sales.

dell customer service

In any case, Dell does not want to offer simply existing retail products designed for B2B. Since one wants to push through the presence in the specialist trade also the B2B business and to recall with decision makers in the private environment, it can not be assumed that Dell in the lowest price segment.

Probably more devices in the area of ​​just under 1000 euro but with technical peculiarities and possibly even more conspicuous design come on the market, which should help to present themselves as a reliable and trustworthy brand.

HP has never given up on this business and has also saved itself by phase over difficult times in the B2B segment. The Group now serves the lowest price segment with the Compaq new laptop brand. He does not want to give it up, but he will not water down his own brand.

Lenovo is on the notebook market with IBM’s Think-Pad series, using it as well as for its more expensive tablets its own name. In Europe, and especially in Germany, the Chinese manufacturer serves consumers with the Medion brand. With it, he is primarily as a home and court supplier for Aldi in the business, but strives for some time to strengthen the Medion’s own online shop and to bring Medion products through other channels to consumers.

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